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Debt can impact every aspect of your life, especially if you own a business. If staying on top of your credit card bills, medical payments and business expenses seems nearly impossible, reach out to a reliable bankruptcy law firm. John H. Redfield offers individual and corporate bankruptcy law services in Barrington, IL. Attorney Redfield can give you the guidance you need to get out of debt.

Call 847-382-1220 today to speak with attorney Redfield in Barrington, IL about your financial situation. Your debt amount, property values, and the size of your business will determine your bankruptcy attorney retainer. We concentrate on your individual needs, helping you to determine which variety of bankruptcy is best for your situation. Your bankruptcy lawyer works on a case by case basis, catering to clients with simple to complex finances, and those with specific needs.

Let Attorney Redfield Guide You Towards A More Promising Financial Future

Trust attorney Redfield with your debt relief needs

We understand how devastating the thought of filing for bankruptcy can be. However, bankruptcy offers a fresh start, while eliminating the stress that creditors can cause. Attorney Redfield takes the amount of debt you owe, the value of your properties and your business or personal assets into account when determining the best solution to your debt issues. Attorney Redfield can help you file for:

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, to clear all unsecured debt
Chapter 11 bankruptcy, to help your business get out of debt
Chapter 13 bankruptcy, to restructure your debt payment
Corporate dissolution or creditor assignments, for alternatives to bankruptcy

To learn more about individual and corporate bankruptcy law services provided by John H. Redfield, call 847-382-1220 today.

Why choose John H. Redfield?

John H. Redfield is dedicated to providing clients in the Barrington, IL area with dependable individual and corporate bankruptcy law services. Leading Lawyer recognized John H. Redfield as the leading lawyer in the areas of Individual bankruptcy, Commercial Bankruptcy, and Workout Law & Commercial Litigation. This honor is earned by less than 5% of licensed lawyers in the State. You can trust attorney Redfield to help you move beyond your debt issues because:

He's skilled: attorney Redfield can draw on over 40 years of experience practicing individual and corporate bankruptcy law
He's qualified: attorney Redfield is a former bankruptcy trustee, and an attorney with over 40 years of experience, concentrating in bankruptcy
He's focused: attorney Redfield always listens to your financial needs and puts your best interests first

Contact attorney Redfield today to find out what a reputable bankruptcy law firm can do for you. Because we concentrate on ordinary to complex bankruptcy cases, we are equipped to offer relief to a wide array of clients, homeowners, and business owners. Our goal is to make the bankruptcy process as simple, painless, and affordable as possible, therefore, be confident in your choice of bankruptcy attorney by contacting our law firm today.

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